To join, go to the Partner page and click on the 'Sign Up' button. The Partner page gives lots of detail about the Partner Program, including the benefits of becoming a Partner.

The Partner edition of Tripcatcher costs just £1.49 per user per month (min 2 users). The pricing is per activated user (a user who has activated their Tripcatcher account) per month. The minimum number of users is 2, hence the minimum price of a Partner account is £2.98 per month.

If the client or employee is going to publish their mileage expenses to Xero, then you need to use the email address the client or employee uses to login to their Xero account. The reason for this is Tripcatcher uses the email address to validate that the mileage is allocated to the correct Xero account, and the user has the correct Xero permissions.

If the client is going to publish to Receipt Bank then there is no specific requirement.

For a user to publish their mileage expenses to Xero, they will need "standard" access. Tripcatcher publishes the mileage expenses to the Xero expenses module and standard access is required.

We understand this is not ideal as standard access gives the client or employee access to the Xero Dashboard, information that may be sensitive. We are currently working with Xero to find the best way to remove the need for standard access when publishing mileage expenses.

The options are:

  1. Use Receipt Bank and publish your mileage expenses to Receipt Bank. From there you can publish your mileage expenses to Xero without needing 'Standard' Xero access, or
  2. In the Settings page, publish your mileage expenses to the printer, and then save the mileage expenses as a PDF. Email your PDF to the person who is authorised to update Xero with your mileage epenses.

Unfortunately you cannot connect Tripcatcher users to their Xero or Receipt Bank accounts from the Partner Dashboard. Your users will need to attach themselves to their Xero or Receipt Bank accounts.