Xero Integration Instructions

It’s really easy to integrate your Tripcatcher Individual account with Xero. In a few steps you can be completely set up and ready to publish your mileage directly to Xero. If you have a Tripcatcher Partner account you can connect your clients and employees Tripcatcher accounts to Xero and these instructions can be found here.

Currently, to connect yourself, you need a Xero login with Standard Access to successfully integrate and publish from Tripcatcher to Xero.

The first step is to login to your Tripcatcher web account and follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Settings

Open the Settings menu.

2. Connect to Xero

Click the Connect Xero button. This initiates the connection to Xero.

3. Login to Xero

Enter your Xero login details.

4. Select Organisation

Select the Organisation you wish to publish your mileage to and click on the Allow access button.

5. Select the account code for mileage expenses

Once Authorised by Xero, you will be taken back to Tripcatcher. Select the Xero account code you want your mileage published to. Then click the Save button.

6. Connection is complete!

Connection completed, you now have the choice to Publish to Xero’s Classic Expenses or Bills in Purchases (default for new connections).

If you have any questions about connecting to Xero please do get in contact with support@tripcatcherapp.com and we will be happy to help.