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Tripcatcher is a bootstrapped tech business founded by Suzanne and Ken around their kitchen table in 2014. Their dream is to build the tech equivalent of an excellent Italian restaurant (rather than a pizza chain), providing a scrumptious service to happy clients, with success measured by counting customer smiles. A business that really understands its core customers, aims to be first-to-market with new features and considers customer support to be the most important thing it does. We’re not there yet, but we're working very hard towards it.

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We are lucky there are lots of very talented freelancers and creatives locally in Cheltenham, many we’ve know from previous careers. It is a real joy to work with them to build the best mileage app that we can.

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The Tripcatcher infrastructure is supplied by a group of world class companies that combine secure, scalable technology with excellent levels of service availability, backed by stringent SLAs. The companies include Heroku, Mongodb, WP Engine, IBM’s Compose and Stripe.

Meet the Team

Ken Whipday


Ken studied Computer Science at the University of Western Australia and joined IBM after graduation. He worked in web technology companies since 1999. His favourite development environment is the MEAN tech stack (Mongodb, Express, Angular and Node) along with Ionic for phone apps.

Ken dreams of being a digital nomad and coding from a tropical beach, rather than his dark basement in England.

Suzanne Fordham

Suzanne Fordham


Suzanne has a Degree in Operational Research, a Masters in Computer Science and is a CIMA qualified accountant. After her Masters, Suzanne worked at the Ministry of Defence for far too long building bespoke accounting systems and worrying whether missiles were capital items or an expense. Suzanne really enjoys speaking with customers and designing the Tripcatcher features to keep them smiling.

Suzanne is a keen runner and enjoys running from cafe to cafe hunting the perfect cake.

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