The easy way to manage your mileage expenses


The easy way to manage your mileage expenses


The easy way to manage your mileage expenses

The mileage app that integrates with Xero, Receipt Bank and Expensify

Recording business mileage can be a hassle, but the benefits make it worthwhile. Check out our Mileage Calculator to see how easy it is to record your business mileage and find out how much you can claim.

Which Tripcatcher is for You?

Tripcatcher can be used by you, your clients or your company

Tripcatcher Individual

Tripcatcher Individual is for you, the freelancer, the director, or contractor. Tripcatcher's easy-to-use features help you capture your business mileage, allowing you to feel more in control. Tripcatcher Individual:

  • Sends your mileage expenses directly to Xero (Purchases and Classic Expense), Receipt Bank, Excel, or to PDF with minimum effort;
  • Automatically calculates the VAT on your mileage expenses;
  • Costs just £1.49 per month, less than a cup of coffee;
  • Only available in the UK.

Tripcatcher Partner

This is the multi user version. If you're a small business, accountant or bookkeeper, Tripcatcher Partner is perfect for you. The Partner Dashboard, really helps you manage your clients or employees mileage expenses. The Partner account:

  • Is easy to use, especially to invite clients or employees to join Tripcatcher;
  • Publishes users mileage expenses directly to Xero (Purchases and Classic Expense), Receipt Bank, Excel, or to PDF with minimum effort;
  • Costs just £1.49 per user per month;
  • Only available in the UK.

Tripcatcher Corporate

Tripcatcher Corporate is for companies using Expensify with the Corporate plan for expense management:

  • Employees get the Tripcatcher Individual account with full functionality;
  • Costs just £1.49 per employee per month (min 2 users);
  • Publishes each mileage expense directly to the employee's Expensify account;
  • Only available in the UK.

Start tracking all your mileage today with our free 14-day trial.

Popular Features

Managing your business mileage is less stressful with Tripcatcher and we are here to support you all the way!

HMRC Compliant Claims

Expense claims are calculated using HMRC Mileage Allowance Payments, e.g. 45 pence per mile (ppm) for cars and vans. Once the 10,000 mile threshold is reached the rate is automatically changed to 25ppm. Claim for business mileage by company car, motorbike and bicycle too.

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Automatic Distance Calculation

If you don't know the miles travelled then Tripcatcher will calculate the distance for you. Just type the start and end addresses (street address, town or postcode) and Tripcatcher does the rest.

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Save Your Favourite Trips

Save a business trip to Favourites. When you next claim for the same trip, simply select the trip from your list of favourites and click the save button. This is a great time saver, 2 clicks and your business journey is saved. This works for both the phone and web app.

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Integrates With Cloud Accounting Software

Tripcatcher enables you to easily publish your mileage expenses, in real time, to Xero, Receipt Bank or Expensify. The integrations are easy to set up, but if you're not yet in the cloud you can save your mileage claims to Excel or PDF.

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Reclaim VAT On Fuel

If you're VAT registered (not flat rate) you can claim the VAT on the fuel element of your mileage claim. Tripcatcher does this automatically for you using HMRC's Advisory Fuel Rates; saving your company money. Tripcatcher keeps the rates (Advisory Fuel Rates) up to date, ensuring you're HMRC compliant.


Use Tripcatcher on the go with the phone app (iOS and Android). The app is easy to use with time saving feature such as GPS, favourites, default settings for home and office and more.

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What our users have to say

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"Thanks to @Tripcatcher, @ReceiptBank and @Xero I've just deleted my recurring monthly 30 minute calendar entry for 'do expense claim'"

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Jessica Pillow

Owner, Pillow May Ltd

"I thought you`d like to know that I have actually for the first time ever, done my whole year’s mileage expenses for my company year-end as it`s so quick and easy to enter them on Tripcatcher!"

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"Tripcatcher is the missing link in managing expenses! It's a great time saver - no more messy spreadsheets or bits of paper - our clients love it."