New Tripcatcher Integration With Xero

Tripcatcher and Xero integration

We’ve upgraded the integration between Tripcatcher and Xero.

The Tripcatcher to Xero connection is now greatly improved, specifically:

  • Partners and Admins can connect their Tripcatcher users to Xero. Users can be connected to Xero, even without a Xero account;  
  • The Tripcatcher and Xero email addresses no longer need to match – a problem in the past;
  • A more robust Xero integration, including improved error handling.

Tripcatcher Partners and Admins

A new Xero integration table (on the Tripcatcher Settings page) is available to Partners and Admins. The Partner/Admin can connect clients/employees to Xero, enabling them to publish directly from Tripcatcher to Xero.

New Functionality

  • For Partner and Admin users, you connect your Tripcatcher account to Xero from the Settings page. Partners and Admins who were already publishing to Xero should find their account still connected. This is because we migrated all valid Xero integrations, as part of this upgrade. More information about connecting users is available in our detailed instructions.
  • This Xero Connections table also allows you the Partner/Admin to connect your users to Xero, using your Xero permissions (which must be Standard Access or above). Hence removing the need for clients or employees to have a Xero account.  And for those who have a Xero account it removes the need for Xero Standard access.  This newly released functionality opens Tripcatcher up to more users, especially employees who do not have Xero Standard Access or even a Xero Account.
  • Tripcatcher publishes to Xero’s Classic Expenses or to bills in Purchases. Publishing to bills in Xero Purchases offers the ability to charge the mileage expense to clients and also to allocate mileage expenses to a project.
    • For users who have a Xero account (“Invoice Only” permissions or above), you can connect their Tripcatcher account to both Classic Expenses or Purchases. This purely depends on which Xero module you prefer.
    • For users with a Xero account, but who do not have Invoice Only, Standard or Adviser permissions – you can connect their Tripcatcher account to bills in Purchases.
    • For users who do not have a Xero account, you can connect their Tripcatcher account to bills in Purchases.
    • Caveat – not all Xero organisations have access to Classic Expenses. It is only available for organisations created before 10th July 2018.

Connecting your Individual Tripcatcher account to Xero

For Individual account users, when connecting your account to Xero, you still require Xero Standard Access permissions. However, your Tripcatcher email address is not required to match your Xero email address.  Tripcatcher matches on your name in both your Xero and Tripcatcher accounts.

More information is available in our detailed instructions on how to connect your Individual account to Xero.

Connecting to Xero’s new Expenses

At the moment, the Xero Application Programming Interface (API) that enables add-on partners to connect to the new Expenses module is not available. Hence we cannot offer this functionality. Once available we will integrate with the Xero’s new Expenses.

Next Steps

We are working on the editable rate card over the next couple of months.  Company car drivers, who claim mileage for business journeys, will be able to use Tripcatcher to record their mileage expenses.  And drivers who are not paid the HMRC recommended rate (45ppm changing to 25ppm after 10,000 miles) will also be able to use Tripcatcher.

This functionality is a long time overdue and we are really excited about it.

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