Tripcatcher Partner

The Tripcatcher Partner account is perfect for small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. Tripcatcher helps you to manage your clients and/or employees business mileage and enable them to easily claim all their mileage expenses including the VAT on fuel. The Partner account is made up of a Partner Dashboard and Tripcatcher Individual accounts for your users.

The Partner Dashboard provides a top level view of all your Tripcatcher users so you can see in an instant who is on top of their mileage claims. The Dashboard also allows you to drill down into their mileage claims, for example to see the value of the fuel receipts required for a VAT return.

Partner Dashboard

The better way to manage mileage claims

Tripcatcher Partner Dashboard screen

Save Money

With Tripcatcher you can help your users claim all of their mileage expenses and never forget to claim for a trip again. Tripcatcher automatically calculates VAT on the fuel element of their mileage, reducing the VAT bill. This can be worth hundreds of pounds per year.

Save Time

The Partner Dashboard displays all your users mileage information in one place so you can see at a single glance who is on top of their mileage. This saves you valuable time for doing other things.

Individual Account

The Partner Dashboard provides a single place for you and your administartors to invite clients or employees to use Tripcatcher. And each user is provided with the full functionality of the Tripcatcher Individual account which costs just £1.49 per user per month.

Increased Collaboration

Your administrators and users can edit and view the Tripcatcher mileage information from anywhere and at anytime. This functionality enables your administartors and your users to do more together.

Standard Process

With Tripcatcher Partner, you can migrate your clients or employees from spreadsheets, mileage logs or scrappy bits of paper to use Tripcatcher (web browser or phone app) to claim their mileage. This consistent approach makes it easier to have a standard process for managing mileage claims thereby reducing your time and effort.

In the Cloud

Tripcatcher is in the cloud, and hence can be accessed from your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone (iOS and Android). It is available all day, every day, all year.

Drill Down - Mileage

The better way to view your clients or employees mileage claims

Tripcatcher Partner Dashboard view of a users mileage history

View mileage details in real time

The Partner Dashboard enables you to easily drill down into the details of the mileage recorded by your users. This is especially useful when discussing your clients or employees mileage claims as you can both see, in real time, exactly what trips have been published.

Drill Down - VAT

The better way to view your users VAT on mileage

Tripcatcher Partner Dashboard view of a users VAT information

View VAT on mileage

Calculating the VAT on mileage is time consuming, and Tripcatcher does this automatically for those who claim VAT. The Partner Dashboard allows you to drill down into the details enabling you to see both a summary of the VAT claim and the detailed trips that make up the claim. Tripcatcher also shows you the amount of fuel receipts needed to make the claim. The Partner Dashboard provides you with total visibility of your users VAT on mileage.

Tripcatcher Partner - What Next?

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There is a range of videos on how to use Tripcatcher on the Support pages. Take a tour.

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Send an email to We can demo Tripcatcher online and provide answers to all your questions.

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If you simply just want to try it out, then sign up for the 14 day free trial, all functionality is available throughout the trial period for both you and your users.