Mileage Expenses

Tripcatcher makes it easy to claim all your mileage expenses

You can complete your mileage expenses anywhere, using the web app or on the phone app. The interface is very easy to use, with lots of time-saving features, including calculating the amount of VAT your business can claim on the fuel portion of the mileage rate, Google Maps for calculating the distance travelled, favourites and recurring trips. Tripcatcher integrates seamlessly with leading cloud-based accounting software including Receipt Bank, Xero and Expensify Corporate.

If you want to see how much you can claim for a business trip, check out the Mileage Claim Calculator.

Favourite Trips

Add new trips in a few clicks with favourites

Save time with favourites

When entering a new business trip you can tick the box to save it as a favourite. The next time you make the same trip, simply select the trip from the favourites table to populate the trip. Less data entry, less time, less hassle.

Recurring Business Trips

Save time by entering recurring trips in one go

If you are working at one site or location for several days, weeks or months, simply select the date range of your trips, enter the trip details and save all the trips in one go. How quick and easy is that!

Google Maps

Claiming the right mileage expenses can be made much easier by using Tripcatcher

If you don't know the exact distance you travelled on your business journey, Tripcatcher will help you out. On the Add Trip form there are two input boxes, FROM and TO. You can enter post codes, street names, or towns, and Tripcatcher will calculate the distance between the two locations. Tripcatcher uses Google Maps to verify the start and end locations and calculate the distance. This ensures you claim the right mileage and provide the details required by HMRC.


Keep the taxman happy

Keeping on top of your business mileage is easy

For private vehicles; Tripcatcher uses the HRMC recommended rates for business trips made with your own car, van, motorbike or bicycle. You can also claim for passengers working for the same employer. This ensures you are claiming the most tax efficient rates. The rates used are automatically adjusted when you reach the 10,000 miles per annum threshold.

For company cars; Tripcatcher users the HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates which are updated automatially for you, ensuring you are using the correct rates for your vehicle.

Furthermore, the Tripcatcher distance calculator ensures your mileage claims are accurate. And, when you submit your Tripcatcher mileage expenses to your accounting software, you have a permament record of your mileage expenses inside your accounts; easily accessible should the accounts be inspected.

VAT on Fuel

Reduce your VAT bill

Remove complex VAT complications from your life

You can reduce your VAT bill by claiming back the VAT on the fuel element of your mileage claim. This VAT can only be claimed for car and van business miles. Tripcatcher automatically selects the correct VAT rate depending on the type of engine in your car or van, e.g. 2 litre diesel. If you have opted to claim back VAT, the expense claim, including the VAT element, is submitted to your accounting software and the VAT is deducted from your next VAT bill. You can save £100s by claiming the VAT on your mileage expenses. Examples of VAT saving are shown below:

VAT Savings When Travelling 12,000 Miles a Year (as at 1/09/19)
Fuel Engine Size VAT Savings
Diesel 1601cc to 2000cc £220
Diesel over 2000cc £280
Petrol 1401cc to 2000cc £280
Petrol over 2000cc £420

To find out more about claiming VAT on mileage, see our blog VAT on mileage expenses - how to claim.

Seamless Integration with leading accounting software

Publish your expense claims directly to your accounting software

No more double keying

There is no need to re-key your mileage claim into your accounting software. You can easily publish your mileage expenses, held in Tripcatcher, to your accounting software (Xero and Receipt Bank). Once logged in to Tripcatcher, go to the Settings page, click the connect to Xero (or Receipt Bank) button and follow the 3 step process. Once connected to Xero or Receipt Bank, just click the "Publish" button on the Expense Claim page and your mileage expenses will be instantly published. You can then see your mileage expense claims in your accounting software, be it Xero or Receipt Bank.

Receipt Bank integration

When you publish your mileage expenses to Receipt Bank, these expenses can then be published from Receipt Bank to their add-on partners' software.

Phone App

Save your trips from anywhere

Mobile app for iOS and Android

The Tripcatcher phone app runs on both iOS and Android phones. The mobile app is simple to use, and lets you complete your mileage expenses whilst on the move and saves your trips to your Tripcatcher account. There are lots of time saving features such as favourites, GPS and Google Maps for calculating the distance travelled. The Tripcatcher app also allows mileage to be recorded for multiple tripcatcher accounts (important if you have more than 1 company).