Tripcatcher works for company car drivers who claim their business mileage, as well as those who use their own vehicles for business.

Tripcatcher also allows bespoke rates for both personal and company vehicles. The types of vehicle and the actual mileage rate to be used are set up on your Tripcatcher Settings page.

If you drive your own car for business and claim HMRC rates, there is nothing for you to change as this is the default setting for Tripcatcher users. However, if you drive a company car or claim a bespoke rate then please follow the instructions below.

More information on mileage rates can be found here.


image of Tripcatcher Settings menu


image of Rate Card section in Settings page


image of milewge rates image of mileage rates



image of milewge rates image of mileage rates


The selections and changes you make on the Tripcatcher Settings page are automatically saved; you will see a green banner at the bottom of the settings page letting you know your changes have been saved.

Once your mileage settings and rates have been set up on the Tripcatcher Settings page, they will be used to calculate your future mileage claims.

If you have any questions about setting your mileage rate please do get in contact with and we will be happy to help.