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We all know that recording your business mileage is not easy! But it's really important that you claim your mileage expenses. One of the main benefits is the financial impact - did you know if you drive your car only 25 miles a week, for business, you can claim over £500 for the year and its tax free!

If you use your own car, van, motorcycle or bicycle for business travel then Tripcatcher can help you claim your mileage expenses. The Mileage Calculator below shows you how much you can claim for a business journey. The calculations use the HMRC Mileage Allowance Payments - of 45ppm (pence per mile) for a car or van (for the first 10,000 miles), 24ppm for a motorcycle and 20ppm for a bicycle. Did you also know you can claim 5ppm per passenger (at your employer's discretion), tax-free, from your employer provided you all work for the same company?

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Mileage calculations are based on what Google consider to be the quickest and easiest (but not necessarily the shortest) route.

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