Tripcatcher and Expensify

The mileage expense app that integrates with Expensify, saving you time and money

Tripcatcher For Expensify Corporate Users

The Tripcatcher integration with Expensify provides a number of great features.

Employees use Tripcatcher Individual accounts

Employees are invited to use Tripcatcher, with all the features of the individual account, including: favourites, distance calculation and VAT calcs.

Role-based expense claim approvals

Access Expensify features for your mileage expenses, including approvals, expense management and export to your accounting system of choice.

Publish mileage automatically to Expensify

When a trip is saved on the web or phone app it is automatically saved to Expensify. The history of saved trips can also be seen in Tripcatcher.

Costs just £1.49 per employee per month

The pricing is per activated user (a user who has activated their Tripcatcher account) per month. Less than a cup of coffee.

Enables you to save money on VAT

If you are VAT registered (not flat rate) you can reclaim the VAT on the fuel element of your mileage claim. Tripcatcher does this automatically for you, saving you money.

Visibility of users in one place

Tripcatcher provides a Company Dashboard which enable you to see all your employees mileage in one place.

Start tracking all your mileage today with our free 14-day trial.


Before continuing please confirm that you have taken the following steps (you only need to do these once! ):

Click the Continue button to authorise Tripcatcher access to your Expensify account

Claim all your mileage expenses

You can complete your mileage expenses anywhere in a modern browser or on the phone. Tripcatcher is very easy and intuitive to use, with lots of time and money saving features.

link to an image of the add trip screen

Claiming the right mileage

If you don't know the exact distance you travelled on your business journey, Tripcatcher will help you out. You can enter post codes, street names, or towns, and Tripcatcher will use Google Maps to calculate the distance travelled. Tripcatcher will also provide a map of the route used.

link to an image of the google map showing trip

Reduce your VAT bill

You can reduce your VAT bill by claiming back the VAT on the fuel element of your mileage claim. Tripcatcher automatically selects the correct VAT rate depending on the type of engine in your car. If you claim back VAT, the expense claim, including the VAT element, is submitted to Expensify. You can save £100s by re-claiming the VAT on your mileage expenses. For a company this can amount to significant savings. Examples of VAT savings are shown opposite.

VAT Savings When Travelling 12,000 Miles a Year (as at 1/12/18)
Fuel Engine Size VAT Savings
Diesel 1601cc to 2000cc £240
Diesel over 2000cc £280
Petrol 1401cc to 2000cc £300
Petrol over 2000cc £440

To find out more about claiming VAT on mileage, see our blog VAT on mileage expenses - how to claim.

Seamless Integration with Expensify

The link from Tripcatcher to your Expensify account is automatically set up when you activate your Tripcatcher account. When you save your business trips, from the Tripcatcher web or phone app, they are saved in real time to your Expensify account.

link to an image of the integration with Expensify screen

Save your trips from anywhere

The Tripcatcher phone app runs on both iOS and Android phones. This free app is simple to use, and lets you complete your mileage expenses whilst on the move. There are lots of time saving features such as favourites, GPS and Google Maps for calculating the distance travelled.

The Tripcatcher Company Dashboard

The Company Dashboard makes inviting employees to use Tripcatcher so easy. Once invited, you will be able to see if your employees are up to date with recording their mileage enabling you to be proactive in managing their expenses. From the Dashboard you can also invite administrators to help manage your employees mileage expenses.

image of the Partner dashboard screen

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A little bit about Expensify

Expensify’s intelligent automation handles expenses in realtime

Expensify delivers cloud-based receipt and expense management through a user-friendly web and mobile application. With just a picture of your receipt, Expensify automatically reads and codes all the details for you. Throw in direct integrations to accounting software and other workflow tools, it’s clear why Expensify is the face of modern expense management.