What is Tripcatcher?

Tripcatcher is the only mileage expense app that claims back the VAT on your fuel. It is built specifically for the UK and complies with HMRC requirements:
  • supporting the 10,000 mile threshold;
  • mileage rates for cars, vans, motor bikes, bicycles and passengers;
  • calculating the VAT on fuel for car drivers.
It runs in the browser on the desktop, laptop, tablet and phones. Tripcatcher also has phone apps for both iOS and Android.

But, it is Tripcatcher's ease of use that makes the difference and removes the hassle from claiming mileage expenses. From time-saving features such as favourite trips, calculating your trip distance to the seamless integration with Xero, Receipt Bank and Expensify it makes claiming mileage expenses easy.

Meet the Team

Ken Whipday Co-founder

Ken studied Computer Science at the University of Western Australia and joined IBM after graduation. He has worked with web technology since 1999, but it is the current wave of javascript-related technologies that excites him the most - enabling small teams to build scale-able, rich, functional apps in a way that was unthinkable only a few years ago.

In his spare time Ken enjoys cycling on quiet lanes, running (slowly), warm beer and embarrassing his two daughters with extreme dad-dancing.

Suzanne Fordham Co-founder

Suzanne is an accountant and people-person with a technical background - following a Masters in Computer Sciences she worked at the Ministry of Defence delivering its bespoke accounting systems and debating whether missiles are capital or an expense. Suzanne is focused on ensuring the apps provide users with maximum functionality in return for little effort. Her role involves designing the Tripcatcher suite of apps and working with customers to ensure the apps deliver real benefits. She loves being in the detail and can often be found tweaking the website to ensure it is pleasing on the eye.

In her spare time Suzanne is a keen cyclist, and enjoys cycling from cafe to cafe hunting down the perfect cake.